Redang in S$500 (~1,500RM)

Planning your next weekend trip? Redang is an island off the East Coast of Malaysia which boasts pristine waters and an amazing sea life. It’s close proximity to Singapore makes it a popular beach getaway, although there are no direct flights there. The fastest way to get to Redang is to take a plane and transit at Kuala Lumpur to Kuala Terangganu. From there, you … Continue reading Redang in S$500 (~1,500RM)

Top 15 Must Eat Food in Penang, Malaysia

Penang — The Pearl of the Orient. It is known by many to have the best Malaysian food, and as a half Penangite, going to Penang is just my yearly ritual. Aside from visiting my relatives, Penang food is another reason that draws me there every year. You may be overwhelmed by the huge variety of local food that Penang offers, but fret not! Here … Continue reading Top 15 Must Eat Food in Penang, Malaysia