5 Unique things to do in Singapore during the pandemic

The pandemic has stopped international air travel to a screeching halt all around the world, and especially for those living in tiny, sunny Singapore, we’re all stuck on this island. It may truly be a bummer for many to not be able to explore the world, especially when Singapore was once the bustling transport hub where many planes fly in and out everyday.

Over the past year, we lamented over the fact that leisure air travel has been ceased, and the COVID-19 virus has become so widespread that nearly country in the world has it. But we were lucky to have flown back into our safe little country, and we applaud the swift and decisive actions our Singapore government has made to curb the spread of the virus. Tourism in Singapore is one of the more badly affected industries, followed by the other businesses that are considered ‘non-essential’. Living in this pandemic together has been nothing but a whirlwind of emotions, and also full of businesses adopting the work from home (WFH) system to make sure their staff is safe at home.

With the country slowing opening up to allow bigger groups of people to meet, and the extension of the Singapore Rediscover voucher, here are some of the unique things you can do in Singapore with your friends:

  • Take a walk around Botanic Gardens

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Singapore Botanic Gardens is perfect for a leisurely stroll both in the morning and in the evening. Home to many beautiful exotic flowers, this cultural landscape is the perfect place to have a picnic or even to walk your dog. Well, let’s face it. Who wouldn’t want to see cute little doggys walking around with their owners? Just be sure to ask the owners for permission before going too close to them because you’ll never know which dog hates strangers.

  • Kayaking

Something that we found fun in this pandemic world is to kayak. Leave everything behind (just land actually) and enjoy a calm and quiet kayak in the middle of a body of water since there’s really no where else to go. It’s the perfect activity for hot days — taking a little paddle. Best part is, Singapore rarely has currents so it’s perfect for beginners! You don’t even need a kayaking cert to be able to rent a kayak for your activity. Popular places to kayak are: Kallang, Pasir Ris Park, Pulau Ubin and Sentosa.

  • Go for a Hotel-cation

Literally what everyone has been doing these days, going for a staycation may sound overrated but let me assure you, it is not. Especially for budget travellers or low-middle income families, staying in a 5-star hotel when travelling overseas is a luxury that many cannot afford, especially if you have to stay for more than 5 nights. But what if you can enjoy the 5-star hotel in Singapore, and even fully make use of the amenities the hotel has to offer? Think of it as a luxury hotel-cation. For those who aren’t keen on exploring Singapore, why not explore a hotel?

Singapore has tons of luxury 5-star hotels which are running different promotions so take the chance to go for a hotel-cation! Book them through 3rd party websites like Klook, Changi Recommends, GlobalTix, Traveloka, and Trip.com.

  • Visit Lazarus Island and the sister islands

Too many leave days that you can’t seem to clear? Take a ferry and head off to Lazarus Island and have a picnic there! This quiet island is the perfect getaway to avoid the crowds in Singapore. The beautiful, clear waters are not what you would normally experience in Singapore’s main island! The ferry terminal is at Marina Bay South pier, which is super accessible especially with our well connected MRT system!

  • Go diving at Pulau Hantu

A very different experience from what many will go for, this activity particularly appeals to divers or even those looking to try out scuba diving. Most divers will head over to Tioman, Malaysia to dive and get their Open Water Cert, but since international travel is restricted, why not dive in our local waters? The visibility may not be as amazing as the other popular dive spots around the world, but you can at least tick something off your bucket list 😉 Best part is you only have to take a day off of work!

Have you tried any of these activities yet? Comment down below what other activities did you love doing in Singapore!

*Note: this post is not sponsored by anyone or any agency.*


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