Australia’s Big 3 Supermarkets – Part 3

Planning to move to Australia permanently or for a Working Holiday but clueless about everything here? Don’t worry! We have compiled a list of Australia’s most famous supermarkets for you to get your groceries once you get here, so you can start saving money and cook your meals!

Although the supermarkets in Australia are ranked based on their price and *atasness* (class), there are still discounts and sales in them worth taking a look! I’ll also include the memberships for each supermarkets so if you’re intending to stay here for an extended period of time, collecting points when doing grocery shopping can even let you save money in the long run. 😉


ww-min.jpgArguably the most atas (high class) and expensive out of all, Woolworths supplies a wide variety of goods, ranging from groceries to even home appliances. BWS is also by Woolworths where you can get liquor at affordable prices! (sometimes they’re even on sale!) Woolies also have weekly sales, so do make sure to check out their weely catalogue!

Woolworths Rewards is Woolworth’s own membership, where you can collect points and even get rebates in the future. (Membership is free!) You just have to sign up here! Your card will be delivered to your home address, but in the meantime, you can add your Woolworths Rewards card to your Apple Pay or Google Pay wallet to use it instantly.

Pros: Organized Interior, wide range of goods, Rewards Membership available

Cons: Expensive



One of the more popular supermarkets around, the Coles group is linked to several retain chains, such as Coles Express, KMart, Target, Office Works and a few others. Coles also sells a wide variety of items, similar to Woolworths. TBH, I find the price difference between Woolworths and Coles marginal, or rather, non-existent. Usually, they have different items on sale. So if you’re on a really tight budget, try to spend some time checking out both supermarkets the groceries you are intending to buy before making your decision. Oh, remember to check out their weekly 1/2 price sales in their catalogue to maximise your savings!

The membership card linked to Coles Supermarkets is commonly known as flybuys. You can pick up a brochure when you are shopping at Coles, or just sign up for the card online. Similar to Woolworths Rewards, they will deliver your membership card to your address. However, you will have to download the flybuys app onto your phone and sign into the app to access your ecard. A little more troublesome, but still worth the future rebates.

Pros: Organized Interior, wide range of goods, Rewards Membership available

Cons: Expensive



Aldi is the cheapest supermarket in Australia, but many people think it’s of ‘lower quality’. Honestly to us, it’s still great. I mean, how bad can Australian food get with their strict food laws? The difference with Aldi supermarkets is that it’s smaller than Coles and Woolworths in terms of shop size and the variety of goods sold there. The produce is generally more seasonal and definitely cheaper than Coles or Woolworths. Aldi has a more ‘messy’ interior, where you can get your produce from boxes and crates, making it seemingly wholesale.

However, Aldi doesn’t have their own rewards card (or maybe they do, but it’s a little harder to find out), but the discounted prices Aldi offers daily is enough to cover the lack of future rebates.

Pros: Cheap, wholesale feels

Cons: Not as ‘high quality’, limited goods

At the end of the day, all three supermarkets have their pros and cons and we love them all. Although Aldi is generally deemed the cheapest, we did interestingly enough find certain similar items in Woolworths cheaper than Aldi when on sale. Do check them out yourselves to catch the best deals – I mean, who doesn’t love exploring supermarkets.\

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