Redang in S$500 (~1,500RM)

Planning your next weekend trip? Redang is an island off the East Coast of Malaysia which boasts pristine waters and an amazing sea life. It’s close proximity to Singapore makes it a popular beach getaway, although there are no direct flights there. The fastest way to get to Redang is to take a plane and transit at Kuala Lumpur to Kuala Terangganu. From there, you have to take a bus to the ferry terminal and then take a ferry to Redang island.


It sounds like a hassle, yes, but you will definitely not regret going to Redang Island. Here’s how you can spend less than S$500 in Redang Island for 3D2N (not inclusive of flights!), and be able to stay in a nice comfortable resort.

Do take note, Redang island is closed from November to February every year due to the monsoon season!


You can book a return land transfer from the airport to the ferry terminal for around 42 RM/adult and 22 RM/child at the airport. 🙂

Total Cost: 42 RM/pax 




There are numerous resorts around Redang Island, but most of the resorts are found on the East side of the island. I highly suggest Laguna Redang Island Resort, as it’s one of the more popular resorts there. It’s located right in front of a beach, with relatively abundant sea life. They offer many activities such as snorkelling  and diving (extra rates payable), and you can even rent snorkelling equipment and life jacket from them 🙂

There are also other cheaper resorts such as Redang Reef Resort and Redang Beach Resort, but if you are looking for a more comfortable and luxurious stay at an affordable price, definitely try out Laguna Redang Island Resort.

Marine Park Ticket


As you can see, the Marine Park Ticket for foreigners is 30 RM, for Malaysians is 5 RM and those above 60 years old (I think) is just 2 RM.

Cost: 628 RM/night (standard room for twin sharing) + 100 RM/night holiday surcharge + 10 RM tourism tax/room/night + 30 RM Marine Park fee for non Malaysians

Total cost: (3D2N) 1,476 RM  (~S$492) for 2 pax




Food should be included in your room package (yes, you MUST get the package with the room since there aren’t a lot of restaurants there. The package has buffet breakfast, buffet lunch, and buffet dinner 🙂

You could spend extra for some drinks or if you’d like to have a cocktail by the sea at night too 🙂

Total cost: 150 RM (~S$50) total for 2 (~S$25/pax)





There are numerous activities the resort provides, such as snorkeling, archery, and even diving! Just approach the staff if there are any activities you would like to try out and they’d be glad to help 🙂 Be sure to snorkel as you might be able to see some sea turtles! The resorts would be able to bring you to the turtle sanctuary, but at an extra fee.

We went for archery once and it was actually quite fun!


You can also trek along Redang Island, or you could also just chill by the beach 😉 The full activities provided by Laguna island resort is here. Since you’ll only be there for 3D2N, choose your activities wisely.

Total cost: 10 RM (~S$3.33) to 150 RM (~S$50) /pax

~S$30/person (average)

Final total: ~S$315/person

Honestly loved the vibes in Redang — it makes me feel so calm and free. It’s a pity that the phenomenon of coral bleaching is very prominent here due to global warming. Regardless, feel free to ask us more about Redang if you’re interested! We’ll be happy to help 😉

Do share other things that you loved doing in Redang! We would love to try them out one day! (✿◠‿◠)


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$500 Redang budget-min


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