There’s a never ending list of cafes in Singapore, and P.S. Cafe is well known by many. They have a few outlets in town area, spread out to cater to the demand. We decided to head to the outlet at Ann Siang Hill, to experience the higher cafe tier (pricing wise). P.S. Cafe at Ann Siang Hill is nestled in the corner of a row of shops, and you have to take the stairs up to the 2nd floor to enter the cafe. As there were a reservation on the top floor of the cafe, we were seated on the main area near the coffee machine.

The prices are a little steep compared to the usual cafes, but the food and service here are known to be of high standards.

The Ann Siang Hill outlet definitely has a lovely ambiance, with its victorian interior, except for the occasional roaring of the coffee machine churning out a fresh cup of coffee.

We ordered a classic P.S. truffle fries, coupled with a P.S. Fluffy pancake and a P.S. Big Breakfast as our mains.

P.S. Truffle fries:


The serving was generous. Really generous. We had a shock when the fries came, but the shoestring fries were fresh and crispy, with hints of truffle oil drizzled on it and garnished with grated parmesan cheese. We didn’t get to finish the fries, but it was definitely amazing and if my tummy had more space, I would have eaten more.

Rating: 4/5 stars

P.S. Fluffy pancakes:


Among all the dishes we ordered, this was actually the most disappointing of all. 😦 The pancakes did not live up to its’ name, (so NOT fluffy at all) and it was rather, dense. The pancakes are topped with caramelised banana and passionfruit curd, giving the pancakes a zesty taste. 

However, the pancakes were a little undercooked and it was a little mushy inside. We gave feedback to the staff, as we could not continue on with the pancakes. The manager handled it professionally, and did not charge us for the pancakes.

Rating: 1/5 stars

P.S. Big Breakfast


The P.S. Big Breakfast set consisted of buttered toast, scrambled eggs, smoked bacon, baked beans, and either a beef or pork sausage. (We got beef!) They provided options for the type of eggs, namely poached, fried, or scrambled.

Although the plating makes the food look a little lacking, it was super filling. The scrambled eggs were nicely done, and the smoked bacon has the right texture of crispiness. The beef sausage was not too salty, and the baked beans gave a good balance to the savoury food on the plate.

Overall, although this was a good brunch main, there were definitely other better big breakfasts that we have tried over the years.

Rating: 3/5 stars


P.S. Cafe at Ann Siang Hill has a great ambience, suitable for couples on a date, or even for a quiet lunch in the area. Food wise, if they could improve on the pancakes (or maybe we were just unlucky), it would definitely be a meal worth every dollar. The service there was also exceptional — they handled feedbacks well, and was attentive to our needs. The only downside was, food took a while to come, so make sure you are not starving when you are there, or you might have disintegrated even before your food arrives! 😉

Budget: $$$



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