The Tent is a cafe nestled in the heart of Phuket Town, near the famous Naka market (the weekend market of Phuket). We decided to head in there as we were still early for the Naka market, and also cause we were celebrating Bel’s birthday.

The Tent is indie themed — small tents are set up inside the cafe for customers to sit in and have a meal. They also serve a variety of food, from western desserts (think marshmallow smores) to Thai food (pad thai, yum!). The cafe interior is a little small so do go during non-peak hours if you don’t want to queue.

What we got: Pad Thai, Brownie and caramelised banana, and a banana smoothie


Banana Smoothie:


Our banana smoothie came first after a long wait. The smoothie was creamy and of a thick consistency– don’t think anyone can screw a simple banana smoothie up. 😉


Rating: 3.5/5 stars


Pad Thai:

Our Pad Thai and Brownie and Caramelised banana dessert as a birthday cake 🙂


Next came our Pad Thai. The Pad Thai was alright, not too moist, and the noodles had the right texture. However, the pad thai was lacking in flavour and i had to use the chilli flakes and chilli sauce to add flavour to the dish.


Rating: 3/5 stars


Brownie and Caramelised banana:


The dish came in a really cute metal plate, but the serving was very small. Basically, it was 1 small piece of brownie, a few pieces of caramelised banana, and a scoop of ice cream. Honestly, we didn’t really dig this dish in terms of its flavour as the brownie was a little tough and the ice cream melted really quickly. However, as this was Bel’s ‘cake’, the staff were really friendly and even lighted up a candle for us. They also offered to take photos for us which I would definitely give them a + for their service, but food wise, it can definitely be better.


Rating: 2/5 stars



Although the service was good and the cafe had great ambience, the food took a while to come out and we were starving by the time we started eating. Food could definitely have been better, but if you like the quiet ambience of such a cafe, it is definitely one that you should check out. (also, insta-worthy too! 🙂 )

The Tent has a really special theme!


The Tent (1)-min


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