Hungry after shopping in Platinum Mall? Here are some must try foods near Platinum Mall, to refuel yourself for more shopping ahead. (Be ready to walk out of Platinum Mall into the Bangkok heat to track these foods!)

  • Auntie Anne’s (inside Platinum Mall, Zone 2, B1)

I’m sure you’ve heard of Auntie Anne’s pretzels, but have you tried their Almond Choco Balls yet? The Almond Choco Balls is found exclusively in Thailand and there is one outlet in Platinum Mall! The balls are made with pretzel, topped with crushed almonds on top and melted chocolate chips in them. And the chocolate, quite literally, ooze out of the ball as you bite into them. Don’t miss them if you are in Platinum Mall as it’s a great mid day snack to fuel the rest of your shopping.

Almond Choco Balls
There are 6 inside


  • Wanton Mee (opposite Platinum Mall)


Soi 19 Bangkok Pratunam Wanton Noodles — is one of the most famous wanton noodles in Bangkok. Wanton Noodles are noodles topped with dumplings and char siew, and this shop always has a long queue outside as its seating area is quite small and cramped. Apparently there is a similar outlet that is opened in Singapore with the exact same name, but they are different: the original Bangkok stall had to place signs “NO BRANCH IN SINGAPORE” to clarify confused tourists.


They are popular for both wanton mee and pork trotter’s dish, but in my opinion, the wanton mee does not live up to its name. Maybe it was better in the past, I’m not sure. But the pork trotter’s dish was a whole lot better than the wanton mee. If you happen to walk past this shop (or went out of your way to find it), you should at least try the pork trotter’s dish. The dish had pork intestines, ‘san cheng rou’, taukwa, egg, and preserved vegetables soaked up in braised sauce.

Wanton Mee
Pork Trotter’s Dish


SabX2 Pratunam Wanton Noodles

4/32-33 Soi Petchburi 19, Pratunam, Bangkok, Thailand

Tel +66 2 653 9618

Opening Hours: 9:00am – 3:00pm Daily


  • Pomegranate Juice

If you walk around on the streets of Bangkok, you will find pomegranate juice being sold in bottles on roadside carts. It’s usually freshly squeezed, and it’s a great perk me up when you feel dehydrated after a long day of shopping!


  • Demi Concept Ice Cream (outside Zone 3 of Platinum Mall, along with all the other carts)

Demi Concept ice cream is every instagram-holic’s lover with its beautifully swirled ice cream decorated with chocolate cookies. This soft serve has 3 different variations: charcoal ice cream, matcha ice cream, and a half-charcoal half-matcha version. The waffle cone is also thin and crispy, leaving you wanting for more even after the very last bite. (if you are lucky, sometimes they even have thai milk tea flavour instead of matcha!)

Demi Concept’s Matcha Charcoal Swirl


  • Mango Smoothie (Neon Night Market, 7min walk away from Platinum Mall)

Neon night market is a mere 7min walk away from Platinum Mall, so what is better than ending off a day of shopping with a night market? Mango Fu’s mango smoothie hands down beats any other mango smoothie you can find in Bangkok. The smoothie is thick and full of mango goodness. The best part is, it’s fresh, and doesn’t taste ice-y like many other mango smoothies where stalls try to cut cost. Definitely try this if you drop by Neon night market because, you will be missing out on something so special.

Mango Fu’s ambassador! (probably the boss, too)


  • Beef Noodles (Night Cart opposite Platinum Mall)

We chanced upon this cart on our last night in Bangkok, it’s along the walkway opposite Platinum Mall. It’s a small makeshift stall set up at the mouth of an alley, and you can order a bowl of beef noodles at around 60 baht. The soup is well seasoned, and the stall owners were very generous with the beef. We got the combination beef bowl noodles, and yes, it’s definitely more worth it than any other beef noodle soup that we have gotten in the past.

Combination Beef Noodles
  • Otah (Night Cart opposite Platinum Mall)

This was another hidden gem found opposite Platinum Mall at night. There are a few carts selling the otah, and there are a few flavours to choose from, such as seafood, sotong etc. However, be warned that these otahs are CRAZY spicy, so either get the rice that they sell to reduce the spiciness, or just prepare a bottle of water for later.

Sotong Otah
  • Bonus: Cha Tra Mue (Thai Milk Tea) @ Chaktuchak and DMK(Don Muang) airport

I’m sure you’ve heard of the famous Thai Milk Tea that NEARLY everyone who goes to Thailand tries. The main thai milk tea leaves producer is by Cha Tra Mue, and it is common to see many shops using their leaves. They actually have a few of their own outlets, including one at DMK airport and one at Mo Chit Train Station (the train station to go Chaktuchak). Be sure to grab their classic Thai Milk Tea for one of the most mindblowing drinks ever. They even have the ice blended version, and we were truly in love as the drink did not dilute even as the ice melted.

Thai Milk Tea Ice Blend @ DMK airport

If you want, you can also buy the tea leaves to make your own Thai Milk Tea at home! 🙂

Thai Milk Tea Leaves for sale!

So here are the must try foods when you are approaching hanger near Platinum Mall shopping 😉 Any recommendations? Definitely open to more food recommendations near one of my favourite shopping area!

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